sean burn

graphic designer based in london

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and the word was god

we now have access to a mass net of information with ports in our home, workplace and pockets at any given moment

this is a public platform where visual and written material is constantly distributed and redistributed via the various social intranets that make up this dense tangled web of information

intertextuality becomes a sub–language to the dominant text based communication

connotations are social currency

a corporation pays a ‘millennial’ for a new buzzword

references are a byproduct of the linguistic basis for consciousness, a pattern–seeking mentality that can’t help but constantly adapt and expand all modes of collective understanding

this is the hive mind

a behavioural universality, that is mimicked in the extended online platform

the words are just the after–effect of this process of becoming conscious

this is the collective consciousness

what enables me to send information from me to you

we are the gods of our own universe

Laura Duffy
Maddy Plimmer
Sean Burn
19 April – 9 May 2018 at The Engine Room
artist talk 1 May 2018, the pit, Massey University

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