clasping hands together under the table

six artists respond to ‘Till The World Ends’, a text written by Hana Pera Aoake in 2016, which was written after the election of Donald Drumpf, declaration of the death of the Great Barrier Reef and during the aftershocks in Wellington following earthquakes in Kaikoura

did you know that the world is ending?

this exhibition is the first iteration of a broad project spanning across Aotearoa and internationally

as a connective tool the artists have been engaging in a google doc conversation to discuss their practice, thoughts and feelings

Ary Jansen
Brighid Fitzgerald
Callum Devlin
Josephine Jelicich
Louisa Afoa
Magdalena Hoult

24 june – 28 july 2017 at avon loop community college


Till The World Ends

Blame it on the Rain

aliens emerging from papatuanuku’s womb